PT. Sinar Sosro History

Sosrodjojo family started its business in 1940 in the town of Slawi, Central Java to produce and market the brand brewed tea "Teh Cap Botol". In 1965, Family Sosrodjojo began to expand its business by venturing into Jakarta by pursuing a strategy Cicip Rasa (product sampling) to several markets in Jakarta. Initially, coming into the markets by means of cooking and brewing tea on the spot. Once ready, the tea steeping directly distributed to those that exist in the market. However, this method is less successful because tea has been brewed too hot and the presentation is too long so that visitors who want to taste it on the market can not wait.


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Certificate and Awards

Various certificates and awards we have received as a proof that SOSRO always strive in maintaining Quality, Safety, Health and Environment Friendly.

Sertifikasi ISO 9001

Sertifikasi SNI

Sertifikasi Halal MUI

Best Brand Platinum 2010


News Update

Dirgahayu PT.Sinar Sosro yang ke-43

Tanggal 17 Juli 2017 PT.Sinar Sosro merayakan ulang tahun ke 43 Tahun. Selama 43 tahun, PT.Sinar Sosro merupakan pelopor minuman teh dalam kemasan, kualitas produk-produknya telah teruji serta melayani konsumen baik di seluruh penjuru Nusantara dan Mancanegara.

Dirgahayu PT. Sinar Sosro

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